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Komatsu Boom Equipment
      Komatsu Excavator Booms, Sticks (arms) and Bucket Linkages

Komatsu Cabs, Hoods and Body
      Komatsu cab shells, engine hoods and body parts

Komatsu Control valves
      Komatsu bodyvalves and other valves

Komatsu Electric Parts
      Komatsu Monitors, Modules, Engines controlers, Panels, Switches etc.

Komatsu Engines
      Komatsu motors

Komatsu Final Drives, Travel motors
      Komatsu final drive, Komatsu travel reduction gear

Komatsu Hydraulic Cylinders
      Komatsu arm cylinders, Komatsu bucket cylinders, Komatsu boom cylinders

Komatsu Main Hydraulic pumps
      Komatsu Excavator Main pump

Komatsu Radiators and Coolers
      Komatsu Radiators and Hydraulic coolers

Komatsu Swing Bearings
      Komatsu slewing rings

Komatsu Swing Drives and Motors
      Komatsu swing gearbox, Komatsu swing reduction gear

Komatsu Swivels
      Komatsu Rotary joints

Komatsu Tanks
      Komatsu Hydraulic oil tanks and fuel tanks

Komatsu Undercarriage parts
      Bottom rollers, carrier rollers, sprockets, idlers, coilsprings and track adjusters

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